Sunday, 1 June 2014

Skye to Uist

After Plockton last night we decided to go to Elgol on Skye to show Florence one of the most amazing sights in Britain. The Cuillin mountains are big and pointy and very scarey when you're up there, according to Colin. No chance of a photo from up there as I'm rather scared of heights :( The local school has the absolute best view from the windows.

Back to midge central it was sraight to bed and conversation about midge munching machines, which attract millions of the little blighters and munch them into compost. Fine idea. The morning was even worse, we were out of there so fast - taking down the wet tent and cursing our new bezzie mates. Florence asked why they want to be with us so much - simple, they want to eat us.

Ferry was pretty plush. Still had the raised bit at the toilet doors to keep the sick in though. Exciting at first, but when we got into open water it got a bit bouncy, force 5, so I had to go to sleep. Woke myself up snoring again. Absolutely bucketing it down on Uist. Was lovely til yesterday apparently, we must have bought the Welsh weather with us.

The caravan is amazingly wondefully brilliant! At the edge of the world, down to the bottom of South Uist, along a track, over a field (literally) and on the machair next to the sea. Off grid and no one else anywhere near. Dog went wild doing her dog track figure of eight. Joyous, and a delight to watch.

Tomorrow we are not going in the car. At all :)

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