Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Birds, thousands of them

We seem to have snoozed a lot of the day away and the phone/camera was flat so not a lot of photos today.

Educationally, we've spotted lots of birds, oystercatchers, terns, lapwings and loads we can't identify - but we will! Lying in bed I could hear skylarks singing their socks off. And we heard a cuckoo - my first for around 5 years, and Florence's first ever! I remember hearing the cuckoo every year, but not anymore.

We're staying in South Boisdale in the south of South Uist, the caravan front windows face south west and I know there will be wonderful sunsets. But first it has to be sunny..

Eriskay is the next island down, linked by a causeway as are most of the islands of uist. We saw the ferry come over from Barra, all very Katie Morag. Another lovely white beach and turquoise seas despite the low cloud. Millie legged it off the beach and wouldn't come back, well not til she was ready, so back on the lead for her. She's discovered the joys of chasing birds unfortunately. She's quick.

More photos tomorrow :)

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