Thursday, 5 June 2014

In which we identify a bird

Now, we're not the best at bird ID, partly due to rubbish vision but mainly because it is tricky. We saw a bird with a long beak and red legs on a fence post, and we had binoculars, so we were in with a chance this time! Anyway, it was a redshank and we have seen dozens of them. We were dive bombed by redshanks, lapwings and oystercatchers, and now F can identify all three by sight and song. That's education in my book!

The night before, we had a delivery of water for the toilet via an ancient tractor pulling and even more ancient tractor and ancient trailer. None of the fancy John Deeres you see back home. I love it! Sadly something has popped inside the toilet cistern and all the water had gone by morning. Ah well, at least there's a porta potti in the caravan.

We've also had two sunsets, and heard corncrakes from the caravan, wonderful! Oh and heard eider ducks making their oooh sound, like a couple of gossips, saw a short eared owl flying overhead, and were a few metres away from a raven (also on a fence post) . This is a fantastic place for birds.

Lots of chocolate and junk has been eaten - I can't take anymore and had to buy leaves, but the other two are still going strong. There was uproar when wholemeal bread was discovered in the cupboard, hehe! Of course we are trying the local beers, including a particularly odd one from Orkney which tasted of coffee. Haven't found one we like yet though, but we'll keep trying ;)

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