Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last day

All things come to an end...

We've had such a fantastic time and all of us have learned a lot - history, ecology, birds. Just spending time in a landscape which is completely different to what you are used to opens your eyes. The pace of life is different and the people are different, in a really good way.

We had one last trip to the east of Benbecula, where we saw the best sign ever! No sign of yogi bear, but a male hen harrier flew right in front of us - beautiful. Really high tide today (full moon tomorrow), interesting to see how much the height of tide and timing of high tide changes over the course of two weeks.

We've had two weeks of being off grid and living close to nature. The grown ups would like to do it for longer, but the little person has a dance performance to prepare for, and she's the boss! We have been told that there are several empty houses to rent here, so who knows?!

5 hour ferry trip to Oban tomorrow so hoping for gannets and a glimpse of Ballamory when we pass the Isle of Mull.

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