Friday, 6 June 2014

Dolphins and seals

Yesterday was dreary and wet, but we saw dolphins!!! Sadly no photos as I only have the phone camera, but there were 6 of them following a fishing boat. They were charging around the boat and leaping out of the water, Florence was so excited that it didn't matter about the rain! She has seen dolphins before in the Moray firth, but she can't remember it as she was only 3.

Today has been lovely and sunny, that's 3 sunnies out of 6 :) We went to the east side of the island, which is hilly and lochy, as opposed to the west side where we're staying, which is white sand and blue sea. Such an island of contrasts.

On the way we called in at Flora MacDonald's birthplace - what an interesting woman. She helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Uist to Skye after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746 (now there's an eerie place). That journey is the subject of the Skye Boat Song. She was imprisoned for a year by the english, then went to America, before returning to Scotland.

At Loch Eynort we saw an old merc bus which looked like it was a live in vehicle, and now the latest daydream is to buy one and come up here for a year, photographing and writing about the wildlife. Well, you have to have dreams. Florence says NO, so maybe when she goes to uni...

Loch Eynort is the first place on these islands where we've seen gardens and flowers. It is noticeable how ungardeny this place is. Maybe it's the wind, but when I lived on Innisfree island over 20 years ago, there were no gardens there either. I made one and people guessed I was english, so maybe it's an english thing. Who knows.

Loch Eynort is a good place to see otters, but we didn't! We did see dozens of seals though, basking and frollicking. There were a couple having a right old splash about, leaping out of the sea like the dolphins. Others were just lolloping about in an ungainly manner. We watched for ages. We also lost the dog for ages too, but she came back covered in mud and panting.

Ended the day with chips, yeeha!

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