Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm on my way (Proclaimers)

Before we'd even got off the drive, The Proclaimers were belting out "I'm on my way". An hour later we were tucking into veggie breakfasts at the truckstop near Chirk, this is not going to be a healthy holiday.

Next stop Lancaster Canal - one we haven't been to before. Had a bit of a potter to stretch Millie's legs and a play on a park. It's a friday in half term and it was completely empty! No rain, where are the children??

Scotland - the third country in one day :) Millie's fourth country since she was picked up as a stray in Ireland in March. She goes bonkers when she sees another dog or a sheep, near pulls your arm off. Serious training needs to happen this holiday...

150000 miles on the clock, I love it when I see the clock change!

Set up camp at Moffat in the Southern Uplands then off to Tweedsmuir. The house C lived in is for sale - doubt we could afford it! Went up to Talla reservoir in the hills, and for a walk up to Fruid where we saw a derelict house which I'm sure we still couldn't afford!

Finally chips in Moffat and a photo of the ram in the square. Pooped now, next stop nearly Skye

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